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It seems that yesterday morning or maybe the night before I doubled up on my meds.

I can’t begin to express just what an effect this had on me or how much it kicked my butt but suffice to say I had to miss going to the good friday service and helping in leading the worship.

I really regret not being there.  The truth is that I am so very much struggling with church at the moment.  I am just so passionate about my beliefs and am finding certain things very hard to handle.

I did however do the right thing and contact the Caredoc and go im for a check up and thankfully I am going to be alright.  I have called this post recovering from stupidity but actually it is a little harsh.  I just get so frustrated at myself when I do silly things.  Perhaps it is the bad sleep pattern that I have.  Perhaps it is more than that and my mental health seriously affects my judgement sometimes.  Either way I know I am too hard on myself.

I haven’t taken any meds today because of the overdose and the fact that it has effected me so badly.  But tomorrow I am back on the regular routine and hopefully back to church as well.