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Well I am now out of hospital.

I was taken in on Friday last week and after a few days oin the local (Wexford) hospital was sent up to Tallagh in Dublin.

One angiogram, a cardiac aterial disease and a dodghy heart pump later and I am home.

It is a very funny thing, I have had these conditions for some time now and just haven’t known about them. Knowing about them has knocked me for six and has given sooooooooo much amunition to the thoughts and voices.

BUT I have my faith (even if i no longer have so much confidence) and with that and with Christ I can deal with the emotional and mental roller coaster I now seem to be on.

Praise be to God for this at least. I know where I am going when I do leave this earth, I don’t know what vehicle my leaving will take or what time my departure is set for and to be honest I don’t know the journey I will take until I reach the departure lounge BUT I DO KNOW where I am going.