You know it is funny really,  I love to read and I love to write and over the past few days I have been doing a lot of both 🙂

I have also been doing huge amounts of work on the church website, not least of all in the design and inclusion of a blog for the church.

The reality is that we are all different and that some folk like to write and get involved in blogging whilst others simply like to surf the net without ever thinking of actually contributing to it.  And of course there are those who never really consider the internet.

As for me, well I am one of those who like to write and get involved in blogging.  Whether it be on here, or my perosnal blog, or my art blog, or my poetry blog, or indeed now on the church blog.  The truth is that it helps to keep my mind active and halps me to think.  The mind (or so they tell me) is a muscle and if so the occassional work out can only be good I reckons.

For me personally writing, whether it be the various blogs that I write, the novels, children’s stories, short stories or poetry is very important and is a way that I can communicate some of the things that I think about or things that I feel.  Either way it really helps me and in truth I have noticed that my self-harming has reduced since I have started blogging.

See I think that is part of self-harm isn’t it?  Getting the inside stuff outside.

So I encourage you.  If you self-harm and want a better way to go, try blogging.  Just be careful what you put out there.  Remember the  idea is to reduce or stop the self-harming, not to go around other people harming 🙂

God bless.