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Had a very rough night again last night which was not good. Today I feel like I am just going through the motions of staying awake whilst not really being fully awake.

I spoke to the family last night which was good but didn’t really fess up to how sick I am feeling at the moment. Actually I am not really telling anyone how sick I am feeling right now.

I managed to get to prayer meeting yesterday morning and then went into town to pay some bills. Mags gave me a lift into town and then home and we have a coffee together and chatted a little while before she left to go do some things and pick up a parcel from the post office for me.

After Mags had brought the parcel back I went to bed for a bit. I am so very depressed by having to go to bed in the afternoons. When we moved into this new house I didn’t have to sleep during the day and really thought that this was progress. But it only lasted until last week and then I had to give in a go to sleep in the afternoons as I just wasn’t able to last the day.

Matthew was at the Waterford Crystal plant last night which really concerned me but what is even more concerning is the fact that whenever I eat something it goes right through me and I feel so very fatigued.

Additional to all this I have some sort of pain in my left nipple which I am worried about. I really hate the way my body just can’t cope with my illness and what with infections, boils and pains I get a little frustrated.

This pain inside my nipple is excruciatingly painful and sends sharp pains down my chest and also down into my side. But given what the doctor said about my body not being able to cope with my health and weight it is only to be expected I guess.